Who’s Alexis Kuperfis ?

Alexis Kuperfis, program director at IBM, an expert in programming and management, tells us about his company, his job and his passions.

What is your background?

Alexis Kuperfis : I started out with a Scientific Baccalaureate because I had always had the idea of making a career in the IT field. At the end of high school, I won the famous sesame exam with honours and congratulations from the jury. With my diploma in hand, I joined ESAIP (School of Computer Science and Risk Prevention Engineers) where I specialised in IRII (Computer Science, Industrial Networks and International Culture). Thanks to this training, I become an expert in programming and architecture of industrial networks.

This school resolutely turned towards the international market allows me to spend a year abroad. So I'm heading to Sydney, Australia, because it's a country I particularly appreciate. Moreover, thanks to this experience, I have acquired a perfect command of English, which will prove to be essential for the rest of my career. Indeed, being bilingual in English is a must in the world of programming.

After these years of higher education, I obtained my diploma and I joined IBM as a Technical IBM Hardware Engineer in France in Strasbourg.

After a few years, I take on new responsibilities and am appointed to the position of Program Manager. It is here that my programming skills become crucial, because as a director, it is important to know the basis of what your teams do, otherwise it is impossible to manage well. Being a good program director at IBM means having in-depth knowledge of digital transformation, systems integration, ERP, application development, analytics, Cloud, AMS, Migration.

In a more global way, I am in charge of managing the projects of the company's major customers and I am involved in all stages of their implementation: from the commitment to the operational deployment of the solution implemented.

IBM gives me the chance to manage a portfolio of 6 million euros per year and a great team of more than 80 people.

To cut with this intense professional life, do you have any passions?

Alexis Kuperfis : Although my profession as a program director does not allow me to free up a lot of free time, I love the past on my bike, spending time with my family over a cocktail I've made or wandering the aisles of an art exhibition.

I particularly like cycling because it is a very good sport for body and mind. It allows me to recharge my batteries in contact with nature. I am a road cyclist and I have ridden on many roads in France. I also enjoy getting off the beaten track and riding my mountain bike. I also have a passion for this sport's competitions and I have even gone to see the riders of the Tour de France, the Tour of Italy and the Tour of Spain several times.

Then, I am passionate about mixology which is the art of mixing and making cocktails. I have all the necessary equipment at home and I like to receive my friends or family around my liquid creations.

Finally, as a great art lover, I like to go to art exhibitions alone or with my family. It's a very good experience that offers my children a greater open-mindedness.